Mould issues

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Product Overview

doTERRA has a great range of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade natural oils that may help long term mould issues in homes, caravans and equipment.

We have been running our Essential oil ultrasonic diffuser in our motor home and caravan for over 5 years after having a mould issue one winter. It has kept the mould at bay as well as offer a great aroma smell for our RV.

Black mould, as for many mould in homes and wet areas can cause serious health issues and should be treated very seriously.

Many people I meet have allergies to house hold chemicals and bleaches that would traditionally be used to clean mouldy surfaces. Simply wiping the mould with a cloth and some chemicals can release the spores into the air which can trigger allergies such as Athsma,sore throat and coughing.

doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils may offer a suitable substitute as an effective and healthier mould suppressant.
Mould education classes are available with Robyn Simons. Contact Tim for a referral.

doTERRA quality Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils on their own or as a blend, such as Lemon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon and Rosemary have been shown in many ancient cultures to be a very effective natural anti fungal oil. Tea Tree oil is a great natural anti fungal oil for the skin as well as moulds.

Diffusing doTERRA CPTG oils may help with keeping a room mould resistant or suppressing further growth.

All of these oils are available along with high Quality Australian certified Ultra sonic waterless or cool water diffusers. Much safer and more effective than candles or hot oil dispersers.

( Face masks and gloves are essential in attacking any mould issues. )