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Product Overview

After travelling for the last 5 years in our RV coaster named "Sybil" both Sonya and I have a selection of C.P.T.G essential oils that go everywhere with us.

We constantly use our Ultrasonic diffuser either as 12 v when we are free camping or 240 v when we are in Tourist Parks ,
this helps to freshen up our RV. Oils like Bergamot, Balance, Lavender or Breathe have an up lifting aroma and a great relaxer after a long drive.

Clove, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oils help suppress mould when the rain is relentless in QLD or when the heater is on over drive in Tasmania in July.
Using Clove and eucalyptus oils as a preventative blend is excellent for wiping over surfaces.

There is a great selection of essential oils or blends available for almost every use.
Bug repellent is a necessity in some states.
Terra Amour (old terra shield) is a blend that works well for mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Midge's and Sand flies being one of my pet hates in QLD, we use Clove and Tea Tree oils which are great insect repellents. Either diffusing or a few drops as a rub on oil.

An old fisherman mate told me that after midge bites use hand sanitiser to clean the bite and lavender to heal it. "Works a treat"
( You dont want to know what they do in the bite to make the infection? )

Lots of oils repel insects and animals. Interestingly for a snake repellent (which i hadn't thought of but a friend told me about.)
Clove seems to be the bee's knees.
Apparently rats and mice don,t like peppermint and neither do ants. Put a couple of drops in a spray bottle diluted with water and spray area for ants and for the rats and mice, a few drops on a cotton bud and place where needed. Ie: shed, garage.